Dr.Ana Paula

( Plastic Surgeon,Brazil)

I am very satisfied with the course and results.I have learned how to evaluate the skin type and perform a complete treatment for it.It is a new way of work for me.Now i can treat my patients with an individualised approach and that is what i was looking for so long time.Thank you very much.

Aet Sillaste


I liked this course very much.It was interesting and very practical with good teachers.Thank you very much.

Marta Schutzer

( Physiotherapist, Brazil)

I have learned to understand and use the herbs and the importance to balance the subtle part of the patient.I want to express my gratitude for both of you.I will remember this with my heart.

Debora Noguiera

( Brazil)

It is a perfect course.Thank you very much both of you.

Dr.Seema Kawale

( Ayurveda Doctor)

Super Excellent course.Gives me a different opportunity in life to do something for myself and for others too.(Thank)1000 a lot to sir and madam.

Dr. Smita Phalke

( Ayurveda Doctor)

Enlighting, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, positive energy, just unexplainable. Dr.Gosavi and Dr.Mrs. Gosavi explained me a lod about Ayurvada and this beauty care course. I got lot of enthusiasm from them. Very loving and caring couple.

Dr.Mrunmayee Joshi / Sane

( Ayurveda Doctor)

कोर्से खूपच छान ठरला. ऍडमिशन घेताना टेन्शन होते पण अपेक्षेपेक्षा जास्त पटीने छान ज्ञानपूर्ण कोर्से ठरला. खूप खूप धन्यवाद.असेच नवीन कोर्से करायला यायला आवडेल. कोर्से कन्टेन्ट खूप योग्य आणि पूरक होते. ज्ञानात व कल्पक्तेतभर पडली. स्वतःचे क्लीनिक सुरु करण्याचा आत्मविश्वास दिल्याबद्दल मी सर व मॅडम यांची खूप खूप आभारी आहे

Dr.Shwetal Katkar

( Ayurveda Doctor)

The course is really nicely designed.With minimum duration we got maximum knowledge and practical approach too.

Dr.Sushama Tandale

( Ayurveda Doctor)

The most valuable thing i learned in this course that beauty comes from within.Throughout it is an excellent course.

Dr. Anjali Burgute

( Ayurveda Doctor)

The course adds the excellent knowledge and information and helps to improve the confidence of practice by using Ayurvedic medicines and natural cosmetics.

Neeraj Wadhwa

( Los Angeles, USA)

I am very pleased with the training and for the flexibility and personal attention which i recieved from Dr.Gosavi and Dr.Mrs. Gosavi.Thank you very much;this is valuable and lifetime learning education which i hope to continue with the Institute of Beauty health and Ayurveda.

Dr.Panchashila Lokhande

( Ayurveda Doctor)

I gained excellent knowledge of Ayurveda and also learned many important things from beauty perspective and its relation with Ayurveda.I highly recommend this course to every ayurveda doctor.

Dr. Swetha S. Hiremath

( Ayurveda Doctor)

I really had a very good experience here. Before coming here I did not know that Ayurveda beauty treatments also give result upto this much good extent. After undergoing this course ,I got better guidelines about treatments regarding beauty by the excellent faculty members.

Dr. Manjushri Holkar

( Ayurveda Doctor)

I learned the importance of Ayurveda which i never got to learn in college days.Overall experience was awesome.I am feeling confident to start my own clinic.

Dr. Shubhangi Parate

( Ayurveda Doctor)

Good Knowledge giving course. Got confidence about diagnosis & treatments regarding skin and Hair.

Dr. Vaishali Jadhav

( Ayurveda Doctor)

I was highly impressed with the ayurveda facial course and your great help and knowledge. Thanks for all of your help.

Deepa Toshniwal

I got what I wanted from the course. Excellent instructors. I feel I have been on real course. The course was like a face to face tutorial.

Dr. Sharda Rodge

( Ayurveda Doctor)

The presentation of instructor was excellent. The course on Ayurveda facials immensely improved my theory and practical knowledge. I would highly recommend the course to the others.


( Body therapist, Massage practitioner)

Just wanted to thank you for everything. I learned a lot from your course and you have been very helpful

Nitin Kundale

( Therapist)

The structure and methodology of the course are really excellent. The interest, co-operation and enthusiasm of both doctors to provide the knowledge to the participants is excellent.

Dr.Urmila Patil

Ayurveda Doctor

Very Nice Course.This course really gave me the direction of what to do in future practice.This also taught me to live healthy life. I am very thankful to both of you.You are like devdoot in my life.I want to do something different in life and this course gives me the right direction. Thanks.

Dr Prathamesh Shetye

Ayurveda Doctor

Thank you Sir & Madam.I learned a lot about Ayurveda and Beauty through this course.I have gained the practical as well as theoretical knowledge.As i have finished this course today , I am confident that i can practise Ayurveda beauty care.

Dr Anuradha Kokate

Ayurveda Doctor

The course and it's content is excellent.The method of teaching is excellent.So thank you Sir & Madam for sharing your knowledge with us.

Dr Chandralekha Sen

Ayurveda Doctor

Very good course for Ayurveda doctors.Very interesting practicals and theory knowledge; so really thankful to sir and madam.

Dr Yogita Chaudhary

Ayurveda Doctor

The course is very good. I have learned many things about ayurveda through this course. Also i have learnt the art of teaching from sir and madam.

Dr Vaishali Chaudhary

[Ayurveda Doctor]

Very good course. I will definitely recommend this course to ayurvedic students to improve their knowledge.

Dr Priyaanka Ashtikar

[ Ayurveda Doctor]

An eye opener about each and everything; from very basics about how dangerous the modern beauty products are; how to get a very healthy life by practicing dinacharya, rutucharya, pranayama, yoga, energy levels, how to connect yourself with universal energy.Beauty comes from inner soul and which is pure a very important message which i have received. Both my teachers are very passionate and very co operative.Dear sir has given me a very good tangent thinking. My ending love and all my wishes to Institute of Beauty, Health and Ayurveda.

Dr Teresa Wroblowski , USA


Both teachers very passionate about Ayurveda and eager to share their knowledge with students and patients.They are genuine and good people to teach the material.

Dr Snehal Kathale


It is very good course for our practice in skin and beauty care.

Vanessa Laghezza


I am very happy about the course,very well done all the topics were intensive.The knowledge of the both doctors is amazing and the kindness of them made me feel more than welcome.Thank you.