Lip Care in Ayurveda

"Lip Care in Ayurveda" Soft and smooth lips among the indicators of physical beauty. Lip care is not only applicable to women; small children and men too must take care of the lips on a regular basis. Unlike skin on the other parts of the body , the lip skin lacks oil glands; causing them to become dry and cracked easily. During winter season the lips require more attention. According to Ayurveda the dryness of lips is caused by an excess of Vata. Excessive consumption of vata increasing diet and wrong lifestyle vitiates vata.In winter season the cold and dry climate increases the vata leading to cracked lips. Dark colour lips are yet another problem faced by lot of people.

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Beauty Related Skin Disorders

This article discusses the below beauty related skin disorders and the methods to cure them.

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Cosmetic Electrotherapy and Ayurveda

Cosmetic Electrotherapy for Beauty Enhancement

Showing off beautiful skin has become the rule of the modern times. Both men and women go to the extremes to attain flawless and beautiful skin from plastic surgery, Botox injections to many clinically not tested skin care products.Every fine morning, across all over India we witness advertisements claiming immediate fairness, instant glow, acne free skin and many more magic remedies. Nowadays we also find maximum skin and hair clinics, spa centers and salons around us that provide all available services for the beautification of women and men too. In my 20 years of practice in beauty sector, I have noticed the increasing awareness of beauty in different age groups ranging from 10 to 70. At the same time numbers of beauty, complaints are on the rise day by day. The main causative factor for increasing beauty complaints are changing lifestyle, cosmetics loaded with plenty of chemicals, unhealthy eating patterns and food substances and most importantly lack knowledge about skin care. In this technological era people want miraculous results without following healthy lifestyle. I have to agree with the famous author Leo Tolstoy for his wisdom. His saying is

“ It is amusing that people will smoke, drink, overeat, be lazy and turn their night into day yet still expect the doctor to keep them healthy.”

Beauty is not just a racial issue but it is related with the whole skin which is the largest organ of the body and also the mirror of inner health and that is why Ayurveda recommends having “Abhyanga (अ8यंग)” on daily basis to regulate many functions of the body and to balance inner harmony.

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