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Ayurvedic Beauty Care

• Scientific lectures by experienced faculty
• Personal attention with hands on practices
• ISO 9001-2015 certified organization

We Develop Every Student Academically,
Practically & Professionally
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Ayurveda Body Massage (Abhyanga)

• Scientific lectures by experienced faculty
• Personal attention with hands on practices
• ISO 9001-2015 certified organization

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Cosmetic Aromatherapy

• Scientific lectures by experienced faculty
• Personal attention with hands on practices
• ISO 9001-2015 certified organization

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Ayurvedic Beauty Therapy

• Scientific lectures by experienced faculty
• Personal attention with hands on practices
• ISO 9001-2015 certified organization

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Welcome to Ayurveda Beauty Institute

The Institute of Beauty Health & Ayurveda is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, established under the able guidance of Dr. Sanjeev Gosavi & Dr. Suvarna Gosavi in Pune City. Both faculty members are Ayurvedic Doctors with years of clinical experience.The Institute is committed to providing students with the authentic & scientific Ayurvedic education & practical training.Ever since the inception of our institute, we have been providing high-quality education based on sincerity manner.Our students come from all walks of life including registered doctors, aestheticians, and therapists.

Why Ayurvedic Beauty?

Ayurveda approach towards the beauty is not only external but is deeply rooted inside the body. Ayurveda firmly believes that the true beauty comes from within. Along with external treatments, it puts more emphasis on internal approach. This ancient wisdom offers beauty enhancing treatments which are purely natural and are free from toxic chemicals unlike modern cosmetics that contain skin irritants and carcinogenic ingredients.

Ayurvedic beauty treatments have an individualistic approach to enhance beauty. All the treatments are based on ancient eternal principles of Ayurveda. Considering the body, mind and soul as a whole, these treatments thoroughly rejuvenate and detoxify the body. This balanced inner radiance reflects over the skin to give a lasting beauty.

Courses we offer

Ayurvedic Beauty Care

Ayurvedic Abhyanga (Massage)
Cosmetic Aromatherapy
Ayurvedic Nutrition


Check what our students, patients have to say about our Ayurveda Beauty Institute. And we are grateful to those who recommended us to their family, friends and colleagues. We are thankful to you for supporting us.


Why Choose Us?

We are a reputable and experienced training organization having more than 25 years of experience. We are also registered with educational Board of vocational training and research. Our students will be studying with accredited training providers.

We believe in delivering quality education to our students and the courses are designed with the students in mind.

Our students are able to achieve their full potential because we value them as an individual and train them academically practically and professionally.

Treatments done at our center


Perspiration is induced by passing medicated steam over the whole body with the help of swedana box. This is highly effective in eliminating the toxins through the skin.


A continuous flow of medicated liquid is poured over the forehead in a rhythmic manner for a specific period of time, with the help of a vessel. It is also performed for rejuvenation and detoxification.


Applying a herbal paste mixed with certain medicated oils or juices is applied over the head and covered with banana leaf.

Read More about treatments provided at our center here….


Ayurved is very ancient science and the concept of beauty mentioned in Ayurved is free from hazardous chemicals and preservatives. Ayurved does not focus only on the external approach to enhance beauty but also pays attention to inner health that reflects as outer beauty.

Each course vary in length and are completely self-paced therefore it is dependent on the students grasping and understanding capacity. We will try to complete the courses within stipulated time but sometimes we need additional training hours.

You do not have to pay extra money for additional training hours.

We firmly believe in total understanding of the subject and its practical application irrespective of training hours.

No. Once you enroll for the course we will teach students the fundamentals of their chosen course.

No. We don’t have in House accommodation facility but we will definitely help you in

finding a Safe and secure place for your stay in Pune. One can find many options like

Hotels or Private accommodations. Private accommodation can either be privately-run

halls of residence or a room in a normal flat or house run by a landlord.

Alternatively students can also find the apartment on their own through web search.

No. The training fee includes theoretical training part as well as the practical training part. The training fee does not include your accommodation, food, health expenses and transportation.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will be issued a certificate signed by the delivering Institution or Academy.

All the courses are accredited by Educational Board of Vocational Training and Research.

The courses are not affiliated to any University.

These courses are designed to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge of the students so that they can apply this authentic practical knowledge in the field of natural Ayurveda beauty enhancing treatments.

Still have any questions?